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Public Access: Shopping with Wayne


Saturday was a wash.  I had a horrible time trying to sleep Friday night and ended up taking my "midday" does which I had skipped at 2:00 AM.  I slept late, couldn't really wake up and ended up sleeping 9/10ths of the day away on the love seat.  Poor Dieter didn't get out as often as he should and I think I missed his mid-day does of muscle relaxant.  Thankfully, he's doing very well his recovery and is such a good boy.
I do feel like a bad dog parent having him crated so much.  I know it's for his own good and to ensure he heels properly, but I feel bad for him being separated from us all the time.  I have allowed him to sleep in the dog bed behind the glide rocker when it's quiet and no one is around to encourage him bad behavior when out of his crate.
I had, when Mom and Vince had dropped by to give me a gift, kept him crated.  Malcolm and Max went into crazy mode because Kaylee had come over and the house was so wound up he would have been in d…

16 Months: Training - Days 310 - 314


I had thought Dakota was coming in the morning, so I drug myself out of bed and started my pot of coffee.  By 8:00 AM I knew she wasn't coming.  I fed the dogs and medicated them and then took all of us as a family into the bedroom to lay about and relax.
It wouldn't be until mid afternoon that I would feel the spasms in my wrists, ankles and legs let loose.  I had slept off and on all day and just took the day to myself.  It was amazing.  The dogs enjoyed curling up on the bed (except poor Dieter, who was trapped in his crate by the bed) and having regular outings when I woke and let them go to play outside for a few minutes.
The entire day not stressing joints that I had been over using for weeks was exactly what I needed and by the end of the day I was feeling pretty good.  I ended my day enjoying an evening of playing with Max and Malcolm in the living room.  It was a great day!
Day 11 of the Cymbalta and my sleep schedule is still a wreck.  I am adjusting ni…

Public Access: Christmas Party


Day 8 of taking the Cymbalta and I've come to the conclusion my utter exhaustion in the mornings is due to it.  It's supposed to cause drowsiness, but for me it seems to be a delayed effect.  I haven't been able to fall asleep until 1:00 AM or later most nights and I have noticed my bladder spasms if I take it with my hydrocodone.  My  bladder feels constantly full and I am up 10 or 12 times a night trying to pee, but I can't get any stream started.  I know, TMI, but knowing how to deal with side effects to keep my independence and my days available to work and earn enough money to support myself is as important as training my dog.
I decided that I'd try taking the Cymbalta around Noon or 1:00 PM instead of in the evening and see if it is truly the reason why I am not sleeping well all of a sudden.  Meanwhile, I got up with the boys, fed them and let them out, medicated them and was back in bed by 9:00 AM and slept until around Noon.  I felt better, but I …

16 Months: Training - Days 305 - 309


Day three on my new medication, an antidepressant for Fibromyalgia, and I am feeling the first lifting of the burning brain fog that comes with my depression.  My mind seems more open and capable of functioning.  I suspect I will have good brain days and bad depending on my pain.  Brain fog, a common problem with the ailment I have been informed I have, comes and goes.  I am still adjusting and will for another three weeks or so to the medication, but I am hoping the crippling depression that had been seeping in will lift now.
I had, in the past, taken Prozac, but it hadn't really helped.  This is apparently making those small changes, but with it comes a host of new changes with how my body operates.  I am dizzy from my medications and I noticed this newest one has increased it even more.  I can and do work around my home without a cane most days, but then I also know where I can reach out to orient myself in the event of a dizzy spell or to catch myself in the event of a …