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23 Weeks: Training - Days 75 - 79


Malcolm has hit the fussy in his crate stage of development.  I have worked hard to make bedtime in his crate a pleasant experience, but there is a stage where the puppy just protests when first put to bed.  Emma's protests had been long and loud.  After weeks of struggling to get her to just go to sleep at night when crated we had achieved it finally and then the resurgence of screaming protests and loud barks returned close to this same age with her.  Malcolm, thankfully, only barked at me once last week and this weekend he went to full blown whine to convince me I am torturing him, but it only seems to last a few minutes, unlike the hours it lasted with Emma.
After a relaxing Saturday and a fun Sunday in which Malcolm demonstrated how far he's come in his training, I was ready for a new week.  Emma was not coming today because of the holiday.  Instead we ended up with Deva, who over the weekend had a pancreatis attack and needed cared for during the day.  This is her…

Finishing School: Week 3

I have been slowly working on training Malcolm to let me clip his nails.  After getting the first sharp tips taken care of and two or three mud wrestling matches with him, it's no as vital to trim his nails to keep him from hurting me.  On the weekends we curl up in bed in the mornings and I have the clippers by the bed and simply clip one nail or more as he lets me.  Last week I got 2 nails on one front foot and 1 entire back foot trimmed by not picking up his feet or squeezing his toes, but slipping the clippers over the tips.  This week I got 4 nails on 1 foot by lifting the foot and pushing the toe.  We couldn't get anymore after that, but he's no longer reacting like I am going to kill him.  Over time he'll be okay with nail trims, but it will be a long process.

He loves all kinds of strange foods.  He loves red bell peppers, celery, sweet potatoes, carrots and is willing to try leafy greens too.  He enjoys peas and beans and most veggies.  It's so strange ha…

22 Weeks: Training - Days 70 - 74


It is 11 PM and I am finishing up the text for last weeks blogs and starting the text for this weeks blogs.  I get up at 7:30 AM and generally don't get to sleep until midnight.  Is it any wonder I am exhausted by Friday and burning out by midday?  I can curl up on my bed at night and play my videos on my TV and let the dogs rest while I type into the night on my IPad.  I bought a keyboard for it when I first bought it specifically so I could do blog posts and not work with the on screen keyboard.  I also downloaded and paid for the best software for updating the blogs on the IPad, hoping not to have to do all of my blog work on the computer, since sitting in a cold office in a chair for hours is very uncomfortable for me.  It turns out I can write up the text but not really get the spelling errors that always happen checked and corrected and though I could input pictures, it's not as robust as the web interface on the computer.  It's better than nothing and with th…