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What a weekend!  Malcolm got to attend his first ever science fiction convention and it was a big one!  I am going to steel some written material from Max's blog when he was training to help you understand what type of culture shock Malcolm just experienced:

Conventions in general are a whole new eco system, but science fiction conventions can be a whole lot of little eco systems inter-mingling together. There are pockets of avid book readers, video gamers, role play gamers, anime fans, vampire groups, and much more. Some people come in standard "mundane" clothing, while others deck out in renaissance attire. Then there are those who go all out and dress in full blown home made near professional costumes. This year we had the Joker, a storm trooper, Darth Mal, a Jedi Knight (full robes), a very very very tall guy wearing a read/white/blue striped top hat and Japanese wooden shoes, belly dancers (a LOT of them), a woman running around in a plate skirt and much more. Wings,…

6 Months: Training - Days 90 - 94


I decided not to release Malcolm into the yard when Jack arrived, since I knew I had time to work with just Malcolm and Jack on morning greetings with Emma arriving late.  After a long night of doing laundry, dishes, floors, dusting and piling my office with the "I'll get to that" junk, I had troubles falling asleep last night.  I had worked on Malcolm's blogs, since I had several of his to write the text for before preparing for a mass release and got 1 1/2 of them done.
Malcolm again slept on my bed, but this time he was a bit fussy too.  We hadn't gotten to bed until 11:30 PM after I finally finished cleaning the bathroom and folding and putting away the laundry and running the last of the laundry when I climbed into bed and felt the effects.  My feet and ankles felt like I had been tortured with someone beating a board against the bottom of my feet, my legs, hips and back were in spasms and burning and my neck, shoulders and jaw were also on fire and b…