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Public Access: Dogs


Today is NOT May 3rd, just encase any one of you thought it might be.  I have a need for energy assistance and I somehow got it stuck in my brain that today was May 3rd and I needed to be at the location to apply for it by 9:00 AM.  I have been under that delusion for over a week now and so last night, after a few episodes of Star Trek (original) and typing up the last of Emma and Malcolm's blogs before plugging the media in, I tucked myself into bed after setting the alarm.  I continued believing this morning I had to get to the Women's Center by 8:30 AM for the 9:00 AM opening of doors so I would be early in line and so skipped my morning shower, fed the dogs and gathered the paperwork I needed and headed out the door with Max.
I left Malcolm loose in the house believing it would be for an extended period and set out to the location.  I was 1 block away when it dawned on me what day today is.  I truly need to pay closer attention to my calendar!  I then headed back …

8 Months: Training - Days 136 - 140


I want to talk about Malcolm and Trigger.  Trigger was the Cattle Dog at the Easter event.  When he'd first seen her while he was in the car he had started barking.  I had gone to get out of the car and she approached the driver's door and I simply shut the door, which sent her back to her family.  I think it confused him, because his barking lasted only a few seconds and never escalated to Police Dog level.  After that I removed Max's harness and sent him off to spend the day as a dog while I worked with Malcolm to teach him the concept of being a working dog.
He saw her when we came around the front of the van and she was just over 30 feet away.  He was quiet, but alert.  He had a hard time walking loose lead and my family watched as I stopped and backed up with him several times until he was able to walk to the porch on a loose lead.  Once there Trigger was greeted and she lifted her lip because he was too friendly.  The owners went to correct her and I stopped t…

Public Access: Distractions


I have been unable to finish Malcolm's vaccines with my financial situation and this month was the first month I could start getting him caught up.  He is legal without a rabies shot until the age of 6 months, so the last time I visited the vet with him it was to get his rabies shot, since he was no longer legal.  Today I took him in to get his last Distemper/Parvo shot.  Thanks to my friend Redd, who is slowly repaying me for money I had loaned her during her long months of fighting to surive on next to no money, I had some extra money arrive in my pocket which paid for the shot and still left me money for other needed things for the house.  I, by the way, didn't expect repayment.  I had loaned her the money without expectations since I won't allow money to come between me and my friends - if I can't loan it without expecting it repaid I won't do it.  The fact she is repaying me is wonderful and I truly appreciate it.
This morning I chopped up more chicke…