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11 Months: Training - Days 200 - 204


200!  Wow!  Do you remember the stories of how often he peed or pooped and if he woke two or three times in the night?  Do you remember him running the rips or the first time he took class?  Yep, those are moments in his history.  Now he's working in busy locations like Winco, Walmart and Costco and helping me with chores in the house.  He's gone so far.
I do have to say, the biggest thing is his no longer itching!  The Prednisone was like a magic pill and two hours after he took the first pill he gave a big sigh and relaxed visibly and didn't dig at his skin anymore.  Though he did break skin when chewing on himself, it's healing and he's calmer, quieter and less reactive in all aspects of his life.  Each day he is itch free he just becomes more mature and more self contained and I am loving it.
So, Buddy has moved in.  He's been here since Saturday and I have been working on Buddy's needs since his arrival.  Buddy has extreme separation anxiety and…

Class: Canine Good Citizen Week 2


My day started early enough to get my shower in, food in the dogs and treats cut for class.  By 8:30 AM I was starting to worry that the last thing I would need to attend too would not arrive - Buddy.  During Buddy's first weekend stay with us to give his handler a much needed break we were taken by surprise when his handler released him into our care for placement elsewhere.  Buddy has been with us for over a week now and he's been staying with Ronda.  His placement will change now that Ronda is returning to work after her surgery, so, like the first weekend that Buddy was just "visiting" (little did we know) he came to my house for crating in the big crate.
Ronda arrived just at 8:30 AM and I had already loaded Malcolm into my van as well as my power chair.  Malcolm barked when Ronda arrived and Buddy exited her car.  I quickly walked him into my home and into the crate and we left separately so that Ronda could leave class to take Jack in for his groom af…

11 Months: Training - Days 195 - 199


Are we actually nearly at 200 days?  Really?  How did that happen?  Didn't I just pick up this tiny mite of a puppy with high hopes?  Wasn't I just complaining about the lack of sleep, constant vigial and endless urine?  What I just laughing at the puppy rips and how it appears the puppy looks like he has more limbs than a dog was intended to have when running?  Where did it all go?
He's tall, lean, muscular and coordinated.  He's walking loose lead, helping with shopping, knows many cues and is calming day by day.  The puppy is leaving his face and the dog is entering.  I am stopped constantly by people who love how he looks, not by his cute puppyness, but his striking handsome dignity.  Where did the puppy breath and baby fuzz go?
Dakota has much of that puppyness left.  She runs like she has too many limbs, has endless energy that explodes out of her and that clean breath a young pup should have.  She has the "never seen THAT!" attitude and needs co…

Class: Canine Good Citizen Week 1


It's hard to believe that Malcolm will be a year old next month.  I had planned all along to have him take his CGC right around his first birthday, so the timing of this class was perfect.  I had signed him up early on when he was taking Finishing School and as you know I had started the focused training toward the test a while ago.  The class finally started and it did so during a heat wave in Spokane.  It was in the 90s by the time we arrived for class at 9:00 AM.
Jack is also taking the class and I intend to work Malcolm slowly closer and closer to Jack as the class progresses, but this class I put a lot of distance between him and Jack.  The problem was, Malcolm had a cortisol spike first thing in the morning when a new client dog arrived for the weekend.
Dakota, a 4 1/2 month old puppy, came to stay while her handler was off having medical procedures done.  Dakota is a typical German Shepherd puppy with lots of confidence and loads of energy and tons of teeth.  She&#…