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1 Year 1 Month: Training - Days 240 -244


There is no weekend report.  I had hit the wall I realized and just needed to stop and take time for me.  I had a client who was contacting me about arranging training and after about the 30th email in the exchange I burnt out.  I needed to stop worrying about others, about the dogs, about anything and just let my mind go blank and start the process of recharging.  I had nothing left.

I slept in Saturday.  Not late.  Bear won't allow for that right now, but I did sleep in until a blessed 7:00 AM and when I returned, still staggering and exhausted from letting them out and feeding them their breakfast, I tucked Bear back into his crate and slept another two hours.  It was needed, badly.

From there I went out and tuned out Facebook and email and the world itself.  I watched TV or spent time playing or cuddling with the dogs.  I did train Bear, but it was more fun than work and by the end of his lunch he had me laughing.

I slept on the love seat with all of the dogs around me …

1 year: Training - Days 235 - 239


After spending a week in her new home while her owner was on vacation, Dakota returned for board and train during the day.  After a quiet enough week while Dakota was with her new Mom, I knew I was in for a long week of integrating a new dog into the home on a daily basis.

I had two dogs arriving also.  It was the start of the week and thus Emma, who had been away for the weekend, was returning for her week long stay.  When Emma arrives there is a period of time in which I need the excitement of her return to settle out and the dogs to get over their excitement.  This Monday I would have two such greetings and will continue to on the start of the week for the remainder of this month while Emma finishes her training.

Dakota was exited to arrive and the dogs were thrilled to see her.  I had left them in the house while I went out and met Ronda at the gate.  This, by the way, is an old pattern with us from Jack's days of training.  Ronda was worried that Dakota was not bonding …

Public Access: Yard Sale


On Friday while Max was in the front yard with me and Ronda a car had stopped and a woman asked me how much I would sell Max for.  I told her that the dog was not for sale and angry she pulled away and left.  It was laughable that I would consider selling him in a yard sale!

On Saturday, while Mom and I were in the front yard, a truck pulled up and a man got out and started talking about his dog, which I could see was in the truck.  We had mentioned we had 10 dogs in the back and he went to his truck, pulled out his dog and let it into the yard.

It was an uncut male who peed on a bush and the gate and wandered about.  He started telling us how he wanted to breed his dog so he could have one of his pups and wanted to hook up with one of our girls.  I was floored!

I told him that most of the German Shepherds in the yard were male (not true) and the females were spayed (not true) and sent him on his way.  Mom and I laughed about it after he was gone.  Not only was his dog a pure…

1 Year: Training - Days 230 - 234


Dakota's life had changed during this stay.  She enjoyed playing with Malcolm during the morning play session after breakfast.  Together they ran and played tug-o-dog and Catch Me If You Can and Mud Wrestling.  It was during this play session I saw the message from her family that they'd come to the conclusion that they could no longer keep her.

Her previous owner was dealing with a lot of issues at home and Dakota wasn't getting the training nor exercise she needed and they believed it best for her to go to a home where she could get it.  Don't worry, Dakota had a home already lined up.

Ronda, who owns Jack the service dog, had commented how much she liked Dakota and thought her a lovely dog.  Dakota is.  She's a smart and sweet dog that is not easy for a first time German Shepherd owner nor is she one of those dogs that can just lay about and be content.  She's active, intelligent and in a true need for a job.  Though destined at one time for service do…