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Public Access: The Great Train Caper


Sometimes you just have to play with your dog.  This was one of those days.  I spent the morning snuggling with Malcolm and Bear and really getting Bear engaged and enjoying play with me as much as with Malcolm or other dogs.  Bear is a lot more focused on other dogs than humans when it comes to play, but that can be turned around if done gently.  I did with Malcolm, who also loves other dogs and loves to play with them.  I taught him playing with me can be fun.

By noon I had my shower in, my clothes on and my dogs happily running in and out of the house.  I took the time to clean up the yard and laugh with them and just enjoy the day.  It was a wonderful fall day and all of us were enjoying the unseasonable warmth and lazy day I had planned.

I suited up Malcolm after Bear ate his lunch.  I had some errands I did need to run and I wanted to get some training in with him.  I had, if you remember, been using the weekends for big training events with Malcolm.  During the summer …

14 Months: Training - Days 260 - 264


I woke to a clean kitchen and home.  I felt pretty good, though still sore and a bit tired because I couldn't sleep after all of the activity over the weekend.  I had, the day prior, taken Bear out on a public access run and am watching body language that worries me because he seems down.  I think it's because his mouth is really bothering him, but I hate seeing any of my dogs act like they are sad all the time.  I had spent part of Sunday playing with Bear specifically just to cheer him up and build a better bond with him.  I need to make certain I give him the love and attention I gave Malcolm so he grows emotionally balanced and bonded.
I wanted a cup of coffee, but the coffee pot was the ONE thing I hadn't cleaned up.  I took the time to scrub it while the dogs ate and started my pot of coffee.  After the hours of typing up the blog posts for Malcolm my hands, wrists and forearms were painful and burning.  I really didn't want to use my arms for anything, ye…

Public Access: Chores


After weeks of driving myself to a state of utter exhaustion and then getting so sick I pleaded for death, my house looked like something from hoarders.  Well, not really, but I felt that way.  I had a quarter inch of dust on everything, stacks of papers on each flat surface and my kitchen was beyond sanitary. I had decided on Friday, the first day since getting sick I felt well, to clean my home.  I monitored the dogs and worked one room at a time with frequent breaks.
By the end of Friday my kitchen was clean, my floors done, a load of laundry washed and dried but not pulled out of the dryer and the living room straightened up and dusted.  It had taken me all day, but I felt a ton better for it.  Malcolm had assisted by flipping up the dishwasher door when I finished dishes, opening doors when I needed and retrieving things for me.
Saturday was a continuation of my cleaning spree.  I folded what laundry had piled prior to this spree.  I tend to take my laundry out and pile …