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14 Months: Training - Days 280 - 284


No weekend report.  I was feeling sick and exhausted and decided the whole house just needed to take time off.  It was nice hanging out and just relaxing and I am glad we did it.

Sunday night Ronda called to tell me she was sick and had been all day.  She planned to call into work the next morning and wouldn't be bringing in Dakota.
Technically, this was good.  An extra day to decompress was right what I needed.  I had, over the weekend, planned to clean the house.  My floors were an astounding mess and my house smelled of dog pee due to the amount of peeing Bear had done (yes, I wipe it up, but without steaming the floor the house still smells of pee) and the fact that Dieter had struck again.
Dieter, who is my adopted Dachshund, was a rescue.  His history includes years of being tied out, starved, beaten and neglected by his previous owners.  He was under socialized, fearful of people and not housebroken.  When he came to me he was barely 10 pounds and should weigh between…

14 Months: Training - Days 275 - 279


I didn't get a lot of formal training in today.  My hydro hang over was pretty much gone.  I was waking more alert, starting off on a better emotional note with the sleep I was able to get and felt I could try to up my dose closer to the prescribed amount.  I had been, since Tuesday of last week, taking only one dose each day because two was too much for my system to start with.  I am still experiencing high pain, especially during the day when I am not on pain killers, but I need to be functional also during the day.
Today I cut one pill in half and took it with breakfast and my other pills.  I am now on four medications daily.  I know for some that may not be a lot, but remember, I started this year on zero medications.  I worked with Bear and Dakota on Level 2: Step 1 Lazy Leash twice each and then worked with Malcolm for a bit.
I put on his other harness.  When Robin was making harnesses for Max she had made one which crossed over the shoulders and had no belly strap.  …