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Public Access: SD Class Week 4


It's the day.  Irish is coming to live with us.  I have done all I can do to prepare for him.  I have thought of where I am going to put his bedding, where he will sleep at night, and told the boys several times a new foster brother is moving in and to be nice.

I went out and let Max and Malcolm play in the yard and cleaned out the cargo area between the backseat and front seat of the van for the power chair and make it easier for Irish to get in and cleared the storage area behind the backseat for Irish's supplies.  I had skipped showering and put on a baseball cap, my jeans from the week and a sweat shirt and the vest Mom had bought me.  I looked like a homeless person, but I was ready to wrestle both a new power chair (which I hadn't decided where I was going to put yet) and a large dog into my van and head to my vet to discover Irish's baseline weight.

I crated Max and Dieter and left Malcolm loose in the house and with cane in hand headed out.  I arri…

17 Months: Training - Days 335 - 339


I just don't know how he knows.  Malcolm didn't wake me today.  I really needed the sleep too.  It was the best sleep I have had in a long time.  I was deeply asleep in a bed that was so comfortable and woke at 9:00 AM to Malcolm laying about 2 feet away from me watching me with a calm and relaxed face.  He wagged his tail and started to lick me as soon as I stirred, but until then he hadn't tried to wake me at all.

I was in a great mood.  I was humming and singing and loved how clean my house was.  With all the playing in and out of the house the dogs brought debris in on their feet.  So had I on my shoes.  Max had also leaked hair on the floor.  I had done the dinner dishes before bed the night before and had plans for the day already laid out.

I vacuumed the house, which took no time at all with having done the floors the day prior.  I cleaned the one dish I had dirtied during the night and put the clean dishes away.  I picked up the last of the items in the …