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Public Access: Wake


The end of a long week finally came. I was running on fumes, but I wanted to be ready for Mr. Irish's family when they arrived. I have been sleeping poorly and waking five or six times a night plus one of those times I can't even fall back asleep for a good hour or two after I wake. It sucks and I am so very very tired.

I got up at 7:00 AM and let the milling herd out and then fed them. Irish was, as per norm, excited, but he caught on that something was up. I was sad because he was leaving and I was sad because today I was to say goodbye to his Mom at her memorial later in the day.

I picked up the house and swept the floors and then did the dishes. I spent the morning working on computer stuff and sending off some emails that need to be done. With the running around like a chicken with my head cut off and trying to get caught up on all of the calls coming in and people emailing me I am behind and overloaded. I have four straight days a week I am working wit…

18 Months: Proofing Days 355 - 359


I spent the morning trying to get out of the house. Irish had been listed on Old Dog Haven and the phone rang off the hook. I had, Sunday night, sent a couple of emails and Monday morning I got two potential client calls and two calls on Irish. From 8:30 AM when I had let my hair down to get into the shower til Noon when I finally ran screaming into the shower I was on the phone with one person or another for one reason or another.

From there I quickly brushed out my hair and braided it and then packed up Irish and Malcolm to head to the vet office to get Irish weighed. I had ONE client consult to do and I had yet to get to it.
I had given Max and Dieter Kongs and puzzle toys for my time away and managed to escape. Irish weighed in at 110 pounds, which meant he had a 2.6 pound loss in weight. I was tickled.
Malcolm, who kept me from falling when Irish gleefully jumped out of the van at the vet office and went to rush to the busy Washington street and spun me off…

18 Months: Proofing Days 350 - 354


I am so glad I took the time since these updates ground to a halt to keep updating the Facebook page daily with detailed notes.  The week following Radcon I made an effort to write out the week to ensure you, my readers, would not be forgotten when I finally found the time to catch you up.  And look, here it is, March 21st, over a month later, and I am just now inputting the material and on Malcolm's Facebook page he's taken over with his very own voice.  More on that shortly as we finally catch up and I explain why even this blog will take a new twist and turn of it's own.

Monday was the day following the convention and in my already discovered wisdom from taking Max to conventions I knew Malcolm would need downtime to recover.  I had pre-planned not taking Malcolm anywhere for a minimum of one day and was hoping to give him a maximum of two.  The longer he could take off and rest and recoup from the stress of the convention the better.  He needed sleep and play an…

Public Access: Radcon 2015


I had stayed up working on the computer and snuggling with Malcolm most of the night.  I had enjoyed rubbing his tummy or rubbing the underside of his jaw or the soft ruff of his neck.  It was relaxing and pleasant.  He would wake and bark at Wayne when he came in the room and I would have to call him off.  Unlike John, who Malcolm was comfortable with coming in the room the previous year, Wayne seemed to cause him issues, but only AFTER he was halfway into the room.  I told him he was a terrible guard dog.  Both Wayne and I were laughing about it.

At one point Wayne, who had been drinking and was now in a very mellow mood, had come in and was halfway across the room and midpoint at the foot of my bed before Malcolm reacted to him.  He suddenly jumped up and barked at him.  I said by this point if it hadn't of been my son the rapist would have gotten me.  Bad guard dog! We were both laughing.

I had started to pull bits of jerky out of his treat pouch and throw them at Mal…