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Public Access: Fences R Us


I woke Mom with the normal whine at 8:00 AM. I thought she needed some extra sleep since it was the weekend and it was the last day of her work week. She had been so very tired when she climbed into bed on Friday and she'd tossed a lot the night before and gotten up and staggered into the bathroom a few times to relieve herself and once she'd fallen into the door jam. I was worried, she was so tired. I was gentle when I woke her, my whine soft and my nose as she stirred just brushing her face, and she rolled and gently rubbed my face and looked at me with bleary eyes and smiled at me. Oh, poor Mom, why are you working so hard?

She lost her balance when she stood up and I rushed in and pushed into her. She reached down and ran her fingers into my fur and told me I was a good boy and then worked her way to the front door and let us out. By the time we came in she had taken her medicine and was making up our bowls of food. I thought she'd climb back in bed, but she d…

19 Months: Proofing Days 375 - 379

I, Malcolm Reynolds, dedicate this blog post to my Aunt Lulu.


iPads are hard to use! My nose keeps hitting the wrong letters!

This morning I woke Mom at 7:20 AM. I really had to pee and just couldn't wait ten more minutes. She looked at the clock and the rubbed that spot on my chin, you know that spot, yeah, that spot, well, she rubbed it. It was good. She let us out and said it was good that it was raining. I think she's worried about the grass seed she put out.

She talked to Grandma for a bit and then cleaned the washing machine. Max says this happens every Spring. I was too young last Spring to pay attention, but every Spring when the days get long Mom gets real clean bug like and super cleans areas of the inside and outside and then all Summer is big projects.

That explains Sunday! So Max said Mom will clean things we hear her grumble about. Oh my, that was the office, the area over the washer and dryer, the drawers in the bathroom and the pantry.

She fed us, which m…