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Public Access: Visiting Davi and Milo


I was laying watching Mom sleep when she rolled and looked me in the eye.  Oh oh, I was caught not doing my job.  She smiled and said I am slacking and gave me a small touch on the side of my face.  I may have to go back to waking her in the morning, but I do enjoy watching her sleep.

She got up and let us out.  It was a slow start to the morning, but a normal one.  Supervise the doling of food, which meant her medicine was on board and then picking up of the bowls.  My medicine is working and my skin is feeling better.  Mom had noticed the new Flaxseed Oil is really making my skin an coat soft and was happy.

She was on her second cup of coffee, curled up on the love seat and deep in her computer when Max stood and started to limp really bad.  She stopped what she was doing and watched him with a big frown on her face.

She asked him what he'd done and if his shoulder was bugging him.  He struggled to go up the steps to the love seat beside her and she reached out and touc…

19 Months: Proofing Days 385 - 389


Mom is awake but pretending to sleep. She's doing this silly fake snore and peering at me out of one eye. I don't know what to do. She does a fast fake snore, peers at me, pulls the covers over her head and then flings them back and snores again at me and laughs. What is going on?

She does this, several times and I am certain now her medications have cause her to have a psychotic break. I stare at her and she rolls away from me, pulls the covers over her head again and Max, laughing, runs up and pretends he's going to jump on the bed, stops and woofs at her. She laughs and throws the covers back and says, "OKAY, I'm awake, you did it! Good job."

What the heck. Have they all gone crazy? Dieter is laughing too. He looks at me and says, "Mom is in a good mood, she's playing." Okay, but it looks more like I need to call for help than play.

She gets up and lets us out and by the time we come back in she's got her coffee going and our food …

Public Access: Play Day with Toada Tard


It's 8:00 AM and Mom is still sleeping. Max and Dieter are doing the potty dance and I am watching her sleep. They keep asking me to wake her and I keep telling them it's okay, she should sleep. Max finally huffs and says if I don't he's going to explode and it won't be pretty. Fine, I'll wake her.

I start the slow whine and build up until she starts to shift in her sleep. She slowly rolls and opens her eyes and I can see she's really not wanting to start her day yet, but she can tell it's urgent because Dieter is doing the Dieter Dance by the gate and Max is making the Max Grunts and I, Malcolm Reynolds, am staring at her with my intent but ruggedly handsome face. She smiles and rubs that spot, you that spot, yeah that spot right under my collar and I raise my nose and kick my feet and off we go to start our day.

By the time we come in she's shifted the cans and plates from in front of her microwave and warmed her coffee and has her comput…

19 Months: Proofing Days 380 - 384


7:00 AM and the alarm is beeping at Mom and she's slapping aimlessly around at it knocking things down on her bed stand and cursing. This is not exactly what I call a good sign. I am trying to pin her down because she's been up a good seven times in the night and I couldn't hold her down enough to make her sleep and even Max, Dieter and I are tired.

She struggles out of bed and lets us out and then by the time we are back in the house I can hear the coffee maker gurgling and the dryer going and the washer is making it's own noises. Really? She had put a load of laundry in the washer the night before before climbing into bed, even though she was moving with her back hunched and she was so clearly in pain I had to pull her pants off and she couldn't lift her feet off the floor for me to get them.

I get the cuffs of her pants and use my paw to loop my leg over them and pull down. No walking backward for me, no sir, I just pull those suckers off and give them th…