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19 Months - 21 Months: Proofing Days 390 - 444

Have I really let the blog fall that far behind?  WOW!  Mom and I have really been busy!  We aren't even doing public access updates anymore.  Between going on daily shopping trips and classes and going to help client dogs, we've been just to busy to update the Facebook page and the blog.  Hopefully, that will change and I will get back to updating you all on how things are going.  I can't even tell you all of the great things we have been doing since April when I updated you last, so no May and no June updates, just one big update on how it's been since last I chatted you up.

So, let's talk Proofing. What does it really mean?  Mom changed it on my title when I started working on it, but never really explained it well.  When she put that up there she said I knew my Retrieve, basic skills and Harness well enough to start working on making them default behaviors.  Those were the basic skills she'd need daily when we worked in public.  I still had things to learn…