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23 Months: Graduation

I am a service dog!  Mom was talking to Aunt Robin about when she and Uncle Bill would be coming into town to run my Public Access Test and found out another delay had sprung up.  See, Aunt Robin depends on Uncle Bill driving due to her being blind and his work couldn't give him time off to come this way until October.  Mom felt defeated, since the July graduation date had been pushed to September and now to October and truthfully I could hear a tiedness in her voice as she explained that she was waiting to test me out so I could have my In Training patch off.  She was tired of people asking "who is he going to" and "has his person been picked out" questions.  It scared me too.  Was Mom sending me away?  I thought I was Mom's service dog and then I would hear her very defensive and firm statement, "He's MY service dog."

It was so nice to hear Mom claim me with such fever, but I could tell she was tired of having to do so.  People could tell I…

21 Months - 23 Months: Final Evaluation Days 445 - 479

In my final evaluation before Mom talked to Aunt Robin and saw if my In Training Patch could come off, Mom worked hard on some things with me.  I was going with her daily to client consults and demos in class and I was shopping with her all the time.  Some of my days were as long as 8 or 9 hours!  It was a hard push.

To make things even harder Mom had put a mat on the floor in the training center and insisted I stay on it, even if she was working another dog and I was to be quiet.  I couldn't smack talk the dog or her if she was working with another dog and she got down right mad at me if I gave her gruff or got up and wandered on my own.  Oh, it was serious mean time on Mom's part.

She was serious about my behaviors in public too.  I was to straighten up and fly right and make her proud.  I was to ignore other dogs and when in the beginning I tried to tell her I didn't think I could,  not unless she stuffed me full of treats, because I had noticed the treats had dried up…