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24 Month: After Surgery

Yo, just chill man.
On August 27th, 2015 we did our last training with the ambulance.  This time I had no problem with the idea of loading into a running ambulance.  I was also happy to see all of the other dogs an no longer smack talking like I used to do.  Mom made it clear that smack talk was not very service dog like and got me in trouble.

I kissed Kenobe on the face and was even nice to Baer, who I used to not like. He doesn't smell bad  now and Max said I can't be smack talking all of the dogs I am mentoring, it's just rude.  He says if I am going to be helping Mom I just have to give that up and be a good boy and mellow out.

So I hung out with Mom and watched all of the other dogs do their bit with the ambulance, cause Mom is the instructor and wants everyone to get their chance first, and then in we went.  I loaded like a champ, laid right down and then we did something the others didn't.  I got to have the siren run!

How cool was that!  Mom put treats on the floor and the siren ran and it was no big deal.  We had fun with it.  I am going to be the best ambulance dog now that I get the rules.  Mom is so proud of me.  She said I sure gave her a lot to think about and she's so glad I showed off that it's important we do this training - as far in my training as I was, I was the one that needed the training the most!  Go figure!

I have gotten good at my playing with other dogs, helping with mentoring while out on field trips and doing the CGC training we've been doing on Saturdays when attending.  The very last one my best buddy Yoda arrived.  I was so stoked I almost couldn't contain myself and Mom could see that.  She let me run across the park to Yoda and greet him and then I ran back to her all happy as a clam.

See, Yoda is my other adult male buddy.  He helped raise me and I just love the dickens out of the dude.  So, when I saw him and Uncle John crossing the park I crouched in my play mode and Mom looked up and saw them and then called out if they were ready for me to be incoming.  Uncle John stopped and said Yes and Mom dropped my lead and said, "Go" and off I went.

I ran up to Yoda and stuck my nose under his jaw and we did our hellos, I helloed Uncle John and then ran back to Mom with my ears pinned back to my head all joyful and happy in my "puppy joy" state and she took my lead back up.  Everyone was laughing and I heard her joke, "Malcolm can't stand Yoda, as you can see."  Haha, Mom.

She worked on tightening up my retrieve a bit more, my harness a bit more cause I was slacking again and praised me when I got it and started to talk to me about all of these doctor's appointments I was taking her too.  I was starting to get worried by them.

See, Mom had been going to a LOT more doctor's appointments and I wasn't telling Max and Dieter.  I didn't know what was happening, but I knew she was having something big come up cause she was suddenly getting ready for a big change in our lives.

Turns out Mom was having something call surgery and it would be on her neck.  Part of getting ready was they took her bathroom apart in August.  They took the tub out, the floor out, put new braces in for the floor and then a new floor, built a new ceiling and put in new lights and a fan, put in a new toilet and then built new walls and put in cement for a new shower floor.  They were building Mom a new safer shower.  What was happening to Mom?

That work would continue into September!  Wow!

Mom the day before her surgery super cleaned the house!

She told me I would need to take care of Max and Dieter, cause I was the big man now, and she would be gone for two days.  Okay.  I heard that for two or three days before she left.

Then she was gone.  My brother Walter came and took care of us.  She had left notes on our care, on things she needed done while she was gone.  I was a pest to Max so he wouldn't worry about her until she came back.  It was Grandma who brought her back and she was wearing a brace on her neck.

She had neck fusion surgery and for one week she just slept.  Max and I took turns watching her.  It was hard on her.  She would roll on her back and couldn't roll back and then she'd choke on her spit. We'd try to tell Walter, but he didn't understand.

For a while she would move her fingers and hands and lips in her sleep and be restless and Max or I would touch her and make her calm.  By the end of the week she'd open her eyes and see us and calm and that was good.

She's getting stronger now we are going into the third week of the September.  She had help from Aunt Cherie for the first week of classes and people has helped her shop and get things done.  She's doing more each day and her humor is good.

She's tough, but she needs me and Max.  We help with picking up things, helping her walk (that's my big job) and helping her stand.  I have been helping pull doors open and she's been really loosing her balance, but I got her.  I get lots of hugs for catching her and she's in a great mood really.

Her voice is funny.  Her doctor told her she has fluid in her chest.  I am watching her and taking care of her.  Don't you worry.  I am the top dog in this house and I'll make sure my Mom is okay.

Malcolm Reynolds, Super Service Dog signing off.


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