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The Plaza

Wayne and I have been meeting every Friday to do paperwork and pay bills I need to do. He and I are trying to get my Court Fees paid and this past Friday my bus pass so I can get around.  I had taken my disability papers to the Plaza to show them and had forgotten my treat pouch, which normally I am pretty good about putting on my hip.

Malcolm has grown very used to my wearing it lately and having a treat to pop into his mouth with all of the doctor's appointments I have.  He's even gotten used to the amount of new training I have been doing. See, I have been teaching Malcolm to retrieve my rescue inhaler and how to cuddle better and we are about to do some refresh work on the harness.  He gets a lot of extra training where he earns a bit of his meals out of my pouch.

I was tired and the Plaza is noisy and newly laid out, which confused me. I was trying very hard to come to terms with it when an old classmate, Karen, started talking to me and she tends to talk under my hearin…

Emotional Response

Last Year I was asked to take in a dog who was a "service dog" for a child.  It turned out the dog wasn't suited even for in home service work.  The way I was asked wasn't well done either.  I had said I couldn't take the dog, I wasn't set to take a large dog long term and I wasn't a rescue for every sad story.  A client and friend had been telling of the family and how they were on the edge of loosing the dog if something wasn't done, but I had no intention of becoming involved in a CPS case, especially one which involved a child death, and take a dog on for an undetermined amount of time when I had yet to meet the dog and didn't know if they dog would get along with my other dogs, especially Malcolm.

I had clearly said several times I didn't want the dog.  Please understand this.  I never said I would foster, care for or house this dog.  So, when I was woken on a Sunday and told they were waiting for me to see the dog at the park near my hom…

Bone Broth

This is Malcolm's mom.  I am taking over the blog for a while.  See, recently I started seeing a therapist, something very frightening for me, and he suggested I begin writing again.   I had noted that I wasn't doing my blogs any longer and it was because "Malcolm" didn't have a lot to say.  I do, he didn't.  So here goes.

First, the therapist.  He's a friend who happen to also be a trauma therapist.  We had become friends and over time he had noted that I was emotionally crashing.  I had also, but after a long history of bad, actually emotionally traumatizing, experiences with therapy, I wasn't willing to seek help from just anyone.  At times I would talk to him and I could see he was truly listening and though he didn't offer a "solution" he did make me feel better by just hearing me out and validating my feelings.

In the end, I asked if there was anyway I could work with him or his wife, who happens to also be a working therapist.  …